Are you ready to...


Wake up each morning with clarity, motivation and a sense of purpose?

Crush those limiting beliefs that are holding you back so you feel ready to wake up tomorrow and go and embark on your new adventure?

Feel confident in yourself and your ability to take action towards achieving your travel goals?

Have your dream trip planned out so you can truly start stepping into your travel mindset?

Have a mentor who is your biggest cheerleader and will be holding you accountable and empowering you to create a life of fulfilment on your terms?

Feel so excited about your future that you can hardly contain yourself?!...

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Let me introduce the...

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My 6 week 1:1 bespoke signature programme will allow us to work on a one-to-one basis. Here we will have powerful coaching conversations. We will dig deep through the use of thought-provoking questions and a variety of coaching frameworks to find out exactly what it is you want to achieve. We will create solid action plans in order to reach your travel goals, foreseeing any obstacles that may potentially get in your way.

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Does this sound familiar?

You don’t have clarity on what it is you really want in life so you’re settling for a lifestyle that doesn’t set your soul on fire and you feel life is passing you by?

You feel at a bit of crossroads in your life as you’re in-between wanting the stability of having a job that pays good money but you also want to go and travel the world?

You want to travel but something is holding you back from taking that step outside of your comfort zone.

You'd love to see more of the world but don't feel like you have the finances to do it.


You're waiting to travel with someone else as don't have the confidence to go alone.

You feel like everyone around you is ‘settling down’. Your friends are in relationships, are getting engaged and starting families but you’re not at that stage in your journey yet.

You feel the pressures from society to have 'everything together' in order to be 'successful' but you’re not even sure what that looks like for you.

Something is holding you back from moving forward in your life. You know there is more to life than what you currently have, BUT you are READY to take action and not waste another minute worrying about all these things.

It all starts today by making the choice to start living your best life!



This programme will allow you to...

Shift your limiting beliefs and create new empowering beliefs which enable you to move forwards in life and embark on your travel transformation journey...

Find the confidence you need to break free from your comfort zone and start living life on your terms...

Get crystal clear on your travel vision and how you want your travel transformation journey to impact your life...

Create an effective travel plan so you can start taking action towards making that dream a reality...​​

Create a life that is full of fulfilment, adventures, experiences and make memories that will stay with you forever.​

What my clients say...

As you went through your 1:1 Coaching Programme, how did it change things for you?

'It changed how I looked at my life as a whole, made me realise that some areas were more important to me that I had realised, and that gave me the focus to make positive changes to work towards improving them. I have been able to make huge progress on several different areas of life, and make plans with my partner to move us forwards to wards our ultimate goal, a goal which was beginning to feel out of reach, and now feels totally achievable!'

What was your biggest takeaway from our mini-breakthrough session?

'That I am worth the same as everyone else and that it isn't bad to take time for me.'

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What did you benefit from and/or enjoy the most during our time together?

'Having Lizzie make me accountable was definitely a benefit that I didn’t expect. Slowly, I also changed from thinking, 'I need to do this because Lizzie is going to ask me if have done it', to 'I need to do this because I want to, and because it is going to benefit me so much.' It  gave me the chance to analyse my life, and see that I rate some things more important than I realised.'

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What do you see as the major insights or breakthroughs you made through the coaching programme?

'I felt like I was bumbling along through life, knowing what my final goal was but not having a clue how to organise it all and actually work towards it. It felt unachievable. SO, sorting through everything, prioritising, making a plan, was just a huge breakthrough, and with Lizzie’s help I was able to talk to my husband about some huge plans and get us both on the same page and re-motivated to push forwards and achieve our life goals.'

What did I support you with?

'The guilt that I have for making time for myself. You made me realize that it's absolutely not a selfish thing to do and it is something that everyone should do once in a while'.

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What will you now do differently to how you operated before your coaching experience?

'Remain motivated in an area of my life that I have never been able to keep motivation for. I now realise how important it is to me, and that I want to improve it for myself, rather than anyone else.'

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Hey there, I'm Lizzie!

I am an Internationally Accredited Coach and Certified Travel Coach.

Travel has played a huge part in the person I have become today. I went from uninspired in a career that didn't serve me to exploring 15 countries, working at 3 USA summer camps, 1 Canadian fall camp, writing travel blogs, getting 2 arm sleeves of tattoos to show my travel transformation journey, partaking in volunteer work in New Zealand, throwing myself out of a plane, doing a bungy jump, taking numerous road trips, making some questionable life decisions (I like to call them learning curves!) and making memories that will last me a lifetime.


Travel left me empowered, strong, independent, relentless and with a new sense of self-worth. It allowed me to develop the mindset that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Taking the decision to break free from my comfort zone ultimately changed my life, it made me realise that I am in complete control of my happiness and that only I could write my own story.​

Now I am on a mission to give others people from the LGBTQ+ community the confidence and tools to step into their own travel transformation journey. All the best stories are found between the pages of a passport!

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This programme is for you if...

You know deep down that you deserve so much more in life than what you are currently experiencing.

You're fed up of being stuck in your comfort zone and have a burning desire to want to go and see the world.

You are not prepared to settle for the life society tells you you should have.

You are an action taker and are ready to go all in and invest in yourself and your future.

You are ready to embark on your travel transformation journey!

You bring the questions, I've got the answers!

I totally understand how scary it can be to take the plunge and invest in yourself.

But I promise you that this investment will be a drop in the ocean when you are lying in that hammock sipping that cocktail and living the life of fulfilment that you absolutely deserve, accompanied by an unshakeable mindset that will allow you to achieve whatever you put your mind to!

The best investment you will ever make is in yourself. That's a promise.

Your questions answered...

I'm not sure I'm ready to invest in myself right now...

I'm going to ask you this one question... If you don't gift yourself this opportunity, where will you be 3 months from now? Exactly where you are now? Perhaps still stuck in your comfort zone watching life pass you by? Or could your lack of confidence, clarity and direction have moved you even further away from your goals? You should never, ever, feel guilty for investing in yourself and your future because there is a whole world out there waiting for you to go and explore! And don’t forget you have the option to pay in instalments which means you will be getting the full benefit of the program before you make the final payment!

How is the programme delivered?

The 1:1 coaching sessions will be held via Zoom at a mutual convenient date and time. You will be sent a link to schedule your session each week. Messaging and voice support is delivered through Voxer, a free app that is available for both android and iOS.

How does coaching actually work?

As your Adventure Mentor, I am here to help you find the answers to your problems and unravel what is holding you back in life. Most of the information we need is already buried down inside of our subconcious. I will use a series of tools and techniques to help you uncover your mindset blocks, find your inner confidence, and empower you to start stepping outside of your comfort zone and ultimately step into your travel mindset and embark on your life changing travel transformation journey. Coaching is about the here and now, rather than going and digging up the past. A coach helps you find your own way from A-B. As your Adventure Mentor, I will also compliment my coaching with helpful tips and travel advice that you can implement into the travel adventure that you are going to plan during our sessions. I will help provide you with all the tools you need in order to start turning your dreams into reality.

When will the programme start?

I have a limited number of spaces available each month to work with amazing people like you. The course will usually start within two weeks of you signing up and we will kick off with a 1.5 hour deep dive coaching session followed by 5 further 60 minute sessions over the 6-week programme period.

What makes this programme different from other programmes?

You will not find another programme as bespoke as this. I understand how it feels to have a desire to travel but not have the confidence, knowledge or tools to feel like you can take that leap. I wish there had been a programme like this back when I first went travelling. I wish I had someone who had experienced the benefits of travel first hand and had pushed me to escape my comfort zone and chase my dreams whilst being my biggest cheerleader along the way. This programme has a unique blend of mindset, empowerment, fulfilment and travel all roled into one. Your journey starts now!

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